Sunday, February 27, 2011

Off the Runway: Carolina Herrera Spring 2011

When I first saw Carolina Herrara's Spring 2011 Resort and Ready-to-Wear collections, I fell in love with a few pieces. So I am delighted every time I see one of the dresses pop up on the body of a celebrity. It confirms that I'm not the only one who likes her "matronly" designs! One of the looks that I was fond of was this skirt and top combination from her Resort 2011 collection:


I especially love the blouse. Camilla Belle wore it way back in July 2010 at the Cartier International Polo Day in England and I like that she kept things true to the original look:

I think that she looks great in this dress and I love that she paired it with a pair of nude slingbacks. It is such a sophisticated and ladylike look, very appropriate for the event.

Another dress that I fell in love with was this one from Herrera's Ready-to-Wear collection:


When I first saw this dress, I fell in love with the neckline, but not so much the bottom of the dress. I originally thought that I would prefer it with a black pencil skirt, but have since changed my mind, although a couple of inches shorter would have me completely sold on it. Amy Adams recently wore this dress to The Hollywood Reporter's Big 10 party on February 24th:


I think that this dress looks great on her, however, I would have preferred to see this look with her hair up, or at the least, not draped over and hiding the gorgeous neckline! Maybe she was feeling a little too self-conscious about showing too much up top?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Under $100: Vanessa Minnillo

Continuing with Vanessa Minnillo, I prefer this look below to the one that she wore here.

I really like the top that she has on and I prefer these skinny jeans to the light-washed jeggings that she wore in her other look. I put together a Look for Less, or rather two of them, for this outfit. One outfit is comprised of items $50-$100 while the other uses items under $50, which is the look that I think I prefer.

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Redemption: Vanessa Minnillo

I stumbled across this website called OutfitID while creating one of my Reese Witherspoon Polyvore sets a while back, and wasted spent a fair amount of time just perusing the different women and their outfits. I eventually came across this look on Vanessa Minnillo:

Words just cannot express how much I hate this look. Between the light-wash "jeggings" and the pale pink sweatshirt, I'm really not sure which I hate more. I am surprised to see Vanessa Minnillo wearing this, because looking at all of her other outfits featured on this site, she appears to have a higher lever of sophistication than what I am seeing with this pairing. Am I missing something with this outfit that makes it fashionable?

Anyway. I decided to put together a redemption outfit for poor Vanessa, and here is what I came up with. It may not be too many steps up from her look, but I do think that it is at least an improvement. And an added bonus that each item featured is less than $100.

So how did I do with this one? A slight improvement?

Friday, February 11, 2011

5 Reasons I Wish I Could Wear Pink

I am a natural blue-eyed blonde with German and English ancestry who lives in Northern New York. What does this mean exactly? It means that I have super pale skin with a lot of pink undertones. This also means that I have never been able to successfully pull off wearing pink (or red) of any shade as a top. I really wish that I could because I recently came across this cute tops, in all sorts of pink shades! Hopefully someone else will be able to enjoy them in my place.

1. Two-in-One Chiffon Front Tie Cardigan from New York & Company- $49.95

What I Love: The color and the pattern. So soft and feminine! It's also really only one piece, but looks like two tops. How effortless is that? It's also available in a gorgeous shade of blue, which is much more flattering on me.

What I Dislike: It looks like an awkward length, a little too short. I'd be afraid of having to be yanking it down all the time to make sure I wasn't showing off any belly. It's also hand wash only.

2. Coral Dahlia Garden ruffle tank from Ruche- $52.99

What I Love: I am in love with this top! I love the colors, the print, even the ruffles on the neckline. Call me a sucker for anything light and girlie.

What I Dislike: There's only one left (size L).

3. The Gathering Tank from Anthropologie- $48.00

What I Like: The color. The neckline. The draping around the bodice, which I would assume flatters most body types. It also comes in a striking emerald green shade, which I have been told is a good color on me. Machine washable!

What I Dislike: The price. It seems a little much for what is basically a t-shirt, but I suppose it's too be expected from Anthropologie.

4. Rose Petal Rain cardigan from Mod Cloth- $59.99

What I Love: I saw this cardigan featured on LOFT Loves Teachers but unfortunately, no purchasing information. Happened upon it by accident today! Love the petals.

What I Dislike: Hand wash only.

5. Flutter Panel Bubble Hem shell from LOFT- $49.50

What I Love: The ruffle. The pattern. The banded hemline. Machine washable.

What I Dislike: %100 Polyester, which always feels cheap to me. The fact that I had to do a screen shot to get this image because I couldn't copy the image link.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inspiring the English Teacher

I came across this top the other day, (on sale for $33! but in the U.K.) and for whatever reason, fell in love with it. Although I have been told that blondes cannot pull off yellow, (by my fashion semi-conscious sister), I would one day like to be the owner of this shirt:

Feeling inspired, I came up with two looks on Polyvore using this top. I am a certified high school English teacher, and although I don't have a full-time job right now, I am hopeful that one day I will. And when I do, this is how I will be dressing.

Most of these items are in my price range, all being less than $50 apiece, with the exception of the apple necklace. I LOVE this Scarlett Bouquet skirt from Ruche and I am patiently waiting for it to be restocked. Just by looking at the butterfly skirt on its website, I could not tell what length it was, but I have a strong feeling that it would be bordering on an inappropriate length for a teacher.

Please tell me what you think! I always welcome, and strongly encourage, feedback.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today I Love: Ruffle Tops from Etsy

I was bored and perusing Etsy (as I am apt to do) and came across some beautiful ruffle tops that I would love to have hanging in my closet! Take a look:


A Querulous Romantic- $70.00

I cannot decide what I love most about this top- the contrasting trim, chiffon ruffle, vintage buttons or keyhole opening. Gorgeous details! This is also the home of one of my favorite skirts listed on Etsy, the Playful Lace skirt.
Suzanne Lay

Ruffle Tank- $60.00

I love the color of this tank, the flowers on the shoulder, and of course, the ruffles. This tank is a selection from Suzanne Lay's Fall 2009 Collection. (I don't know anything about her, or her clothes other than that I love this top! And that it's out of my price range).

Also available in pink (without the flowers).

Recycled Sweater- $45.00

This super cute sweater is "upcycled" from a turtleneck. I'm loving the colors and the details, I'm just not sure if I'm crazy about the unfinished edges; they look slightly sloppy to me. Unfortunately, this item is one-of-a-kind, so chances are that this one will be sold before I would ever have a chance to purchase it myself!

Prizy Sebastian

Champagne Racer Back- $225.00!

And last but certainly not least is this gorgeous top by Prizy Sebastian. I don't know that I would ever feel comfortable enough to pull off so many ruffles on one top, and this is beyond my price range, but a girl can dream, right? My one complaint, again, is the raw edge; just looks really unfinished.

Check out this designer's Etsy shop. There are some beautiful items, including the neckline this dress! A future Project Runway contestant? Better clean up those unfinished hemlines!

Lands' End? Really?

Is anyone else surprised that this cute skirt came from Lands' End?

Just me?

When I think of Lands' End (which, truth be told, is not very often), I always thinking of clothing that was designed and made for hanging out dockside, or in a cozy beach cottage in Maine, (that is, after all, how they stage their catalogs). I didn't expect to see this skirt in the mix. I love it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sacrificing Fashion for a Lack of Fortune

I subscribe to a lot of fashion blogs, and a consistent trend that I'm noticing is Outfit of the Day (OOTD). First let me just say how cute everyone always looks in their photos! So envious. I would love to participate in this, but unfortunately, there would really be nothing to show. I do not have any cute clothes because I do not have the income or the budget to support a shopping hobby. (But one day I will!).

The clothing that I do have are random items that I have picked up here and there, usually on sale, usually pretty basic and boring. Nothing cute and frilly; nothing soft and feminine. To tell you the truth, I actually only own 3 or 4 jeans that I wear regularly, 3 dress pants for work (I currently work part-time, as in 1-2 days a week, and can get away with this), some skirts that do not fit me right now, a handful of tops for work and old worn out tops for bumming out at home. It's rather depressing.

However, I DO have a lot of shoes! I love shoes. And while I cannot afford to purchase most of my dream shoes, I do find a few cheaper favorites every now and then. Here are two of my current shoe staples for work:

 These black shoes are just about the most comfortable heels that I have ever worn, (and I am not one to sacrifice fashion for comfort; bring on the pain! As long as the shoe is versatile and cute, then the pain is worth it). They don't pinch or rub me the wrong way. No blisters here!

I don't know if you can tell by the poor image quality, but the grey ones are actually a felt-type fabric. They both cost me somewhere around $30 each, a price that I am content with for my budget. While I would love to be able to afford shoes from Mod Cloth, Anthropologie, or similar stores, I have to settle with what I can afford.

But one day, when I have my dream job, there will be a dream wardrobe to go along with it! Mark my words...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Under $100: Rachel Spotted

Yes, it's another Rachel Bilson-inspired look! I am totally girl-crushing on her style right now! She always looks so effortless and flawless. Here is another look containing items $100 or less. It's all about the budgeting!

Ruche Giveaway at Anthroholic!

Anthroholic is the place to be! I love this blog. The outfits that Kim comes up with are so adorable and inspirational. I'm loving it even more right now because she has partnered up with Ruche to sponsor a giveaway for one lucky follower. Up for grabs? This cute butterfly necklace and flower ring. Hurry up and go check out her giveaway now! It ends February 10th.
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