Friday, January 6, 2012

10 Etsy Accessories I'm Digging

Lately, I've been obsessed with searching Etsy for fabulous accessories. Hats, bags, pins, scarves, etc. Here are ten of my favorites:

1. Charcoal Gray Jersey Scarf with Jumbo Poppy Blossom Brooch
I've recently discovered the benefit of scarves. I never considered them before because I really did not think that I could pull them off, but seriously. The warm and cozy feeling around my neck far outweighs how I may look in one. I never realized how much warmth a scarf can add! Right now I'm sporting my purple fleece (outside) scarf that I received from Christmas. I don't own any "fashion" scarves, but this one tops my list.

2. Chartreuse Green Neck Warmer with Upcycled Magenta Rosette
Speaking of warm necks, this one would definitely keep mine warm. Love the color. Love the rosette. Love the grey fleece lining.
Oh MaudlinMe

3. Jumbo Poppy Blossom Brooch in Ivory
Of course I have to add this awesome brooch. I've never worn a brooch like this before, nor do I know if I would ever wear it, but I still think it's awesome.

4. Vintage 1960s Black Velour Cloche Hat
Much like scarves, I have never been a hat person. I just don't think that hats look good on me. However, last week I randomly tried on a black cloche hat, and was told that it actually didn't look that bad on me. (It was an attempt at a compliment that I will totally accept). And I LOVE this hat! Too bad it has already sold out!
Nevermore Vintage

5.  Vintage Pink Cloche Hat
Another adorable cloche hat. These hats remind me of my grandmother, although I'm not really sure that she ever wore one. It may just be that they give me the same refined and classy vibe I always picked up from her.
Osterland Millinery

6. Oh-So-Pretty Scattered Auburn Leaves Frame Bag
I am a sucker for a cute bag. This one is definitely cute.
heavenly handbag

7. White and Black Purse with Silk Rosettes
Sophistication defined, as far as I'm concerned. Speaking of my grandmother, what's ore refined than a grey tweed handbag? Love the rosettes also; completes the look.
eden's wake

8. Floral Messenger Bag
 I really like the vintage feel of the fabric used for this bag. The colors are perfect for springtime.
eden's wake

9. Floral Pleated Purse
Another great purse from the same Etsy seller as the last two. Florals like this one usually aren't my thing, but I LOVE the colors in this one. What a great color combination, and so feminine. Apparently this purse isn't made-to-order like the others and has already sold. Too bad.
eden's wake

10. Pear Canvas Pumpkin Bag
Although I would never be able to find enough things to fill this bag, even as a mom of two boys, I've been in love with this one for awhile. I'm pretty sure it's the color that I'm drawn to.
Tippy Thai

And speaking of cute handbags, my sister gave me this one for Christmas this year.
Lucky me!

Has anyone else been wasting spending hours on Etsy like me? What are your favorite accessories?
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