Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've Been a Stranger Here...

It has been FOREVER since I have posted on this blog, and by "forever", I mean July. Really. That DOES seem like forever. The initial reason for my lack of posts was because my computer kicked the bucket on me back in July and I was without a computer for a month. Being without a computer, I had to come up with a hobby to fill my time, hence the main reason I haven't been posting.

I have been busy with a new "hobby"/business that started out as something to try to bring in a little extra cash. I have been making fabric jewelry and hair accessories for women and girls. I have attended a few craft fairs, one went well, the others not so much, but now I have opened up my own Etsy shop. I just opened it yesterday, but I'm hoping that it goes well. Here is a selection of some of the items that I have made:

"Margaret" pom necklace.
"Bethany" pom necklace
"Karli" embroidered headband
"Bethany" flower headband

I also make hair clips and pins, both in the pom and flower designs, along with a few random headband designs. If you are interested in checking them out, please visit my Etsy shop: Betty Bow Blue. I also have a newer blog that follows this hobby, also called Betty Bow Blue.

Thanks for your interest, and please feel free to spread the word!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kate Spade Floral Josie Dress Alternatives

If you liked this Kate Spade dress worn by Emma Pillsbury on Glee

Floral Josie Dress- Orig. $445.00 Sale $199.00 Sold Out

Then you may like these alternatives:

Muse Strapless Dress from Dillard's - Orig. $99.00 - Sale $59.40

Jessica Howard Floral Jacquard Sheath Dress from Kohl's - Orig. $100.00 - Sale $85.00

Floral Print Strapless Dress from LOFT - $89.50

Cap-Sleeve Rose-Print Sheath Dress from White House | Black Market - Orig $158.00 - Sale $79.98

Saturday, July 9, 2011

10 Things I Love

My sister, over at The Bittersweet Blonde, often posts a "10 Things I Love" list. And since I firmly believe that imitation is the best form of flattery, I am totally stealing her idea and creating my own list.

1. Vintage-style aprons from Creative Chics Aprons

2. Summer Garden Magnets in a Tin from Kitzie G.

3. Cirque A-Line dress from Antropologie.

4. Restricted Linda Peep-Toe Espadrilles from Kohl's.

5. Lemon Fizz dress from ModCloth.

6. Citrus in the City heel from ModCloth

7. Pom Pom Ring by Erin Keys from Femme Petal

8. Circa 1890 Eastlake Washstand from go seek.

9. Artwork by twins Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone
Image Source

10. This bedroom via Pinterest.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From Anthro to Etsy- Eyelet, Crochet, and Lace. Oh My!

I've noticed that Anthropologie has quite the selection of blouses right now that have either crochet, lace, or eyelet details. Although not typically a fan of these types of details on my clothing, I have found myself drawn to the Lingering Hours Blouse, although, understandably enough, not to the $148.00 price tag! I decided to peruse Etsy to see if I could find any similar items for much less. Didn't find anything that matched exactly to the Anthro pieces, but some that featured the same details. Here is what I discovered:

Anthropologie Inspiration Piece:
Lingering Hours Blouse - $148.00

Found on Etsy:
Vintage Gypsy Lace-Trimmed Blouse - $25.00

Anthropologie Inspiration Piece:
Oversized Eyelets Blouse - $98.00

Found on Etsy:
Romance Crochet Blouse in Ivory Knit Jersey - $75.00

Anthropologie Inspiration Piece:
Wreathan Blouse - $78.00

 Found on Etsy:
1960s Vintage Crochet Top - $32.00

Vintage Doily Open Hand-Knit Top - $32.00

1960s Vintage Crochet Blouse - $32.00

What do you think? Worthy substitutes or inadequate knockoffs?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Betty's Bargains: Part II-Target

Yesterday I shared my recent Old Navy purchases. Today, it's Target. I initially went to Target looking for... actually, I cannot remember why I went to Target, other than the fact that it was the closest store when I first walked in the mall. I also needed shampoo and face wash, but not necessarily from Target. But I digress. Here is what I left Target with:

Scoop Neck Embellished Tee-Navy Fleet
The original price on this tee is $14.99, but I actually picked up mine on the clearance rack for $7.49. It was the only one in the whole store (or so I imagine) and it was in my size.

I was in desperate need of a bathing suit, (all of mine are at least five years old and pre-children). I tried on several suits, including these:

These pieces are a part of the Mossimo Mix & Match Collection, in yellow. I also tried on different pieces in blue. Loved the top, but unfortunately, not so much the bottoms. The size selection was also limited since everything was currently on sale.

Xhilaration Swimsuit with Gold Broach in teal $14.99
I actually really loved the bottoms to this swimsuit, but really hated the top. The bottoms were surprisingly flattering and didn't cut into the, ahem, meatier portions of my body, like other suits are apt to do. The top, however, was the most unflattering thing I have ever tried on. Not to mention that the gold broach was too distracting and fairly ugly. But it looks pretty good on the model!

I ended up with this bikini:

Mossimo 2-Piece Bikini in blue/black stripe - $19.99 apiece
Would you believe that I scored this swimsuit on sale? Yeah, for a whole $1 off the original price! I paid $18.99 per piece. Score!

I also picked up two impulse purchases:

Coverup Dress in canary yellow - $17.99

Necklace Coverup Dress in black - $19.99
This black coverup dress was on the clearance rack for $9.98 and looks a lot better in person than on this model. (And I like to think better on me than on her as well).

I also tried on a few pairs of shoes, but thankfully, they did not have my size in any of them. (Budget!) Here are my top three faves that I tried on:
Wauna Braided Flat Sandals in Tan - $14.99
Paz Strappy Heeled Sandals in Natural - $24.99
Mandana T-Strap Pumps in Red Patent - $24.99

I fell in love with these t-strap pumps, but really wanted them in the black patent. Unfortunately, so did everyone else since they only had two pairs left, both in size 10! Guess it just wasn't meant to be.

So... How did I do?
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