Monday, July 4, 2011

Betty's Bargains: Part I - Old Navy

As previously mentioned, I went shopping recently and was able to find several items that I liked. I went to Old Navy with the sole purpose of picking up a pair of pajama pants and a pair of shorts. I left Old Navy with a pair of pajama pants and two tops. I couldn't resist their "Buy Two Items, Get a Third Item FREE!" deal. and it applied to all items in the store! Really. Who could pass that up?

I picked up these pajama pants:

Crochet-Trim Roll-Up Lounge Pants -FREE!

I originally wanted a pair in yellow print (not available online), but noticed a slight problem with them when I tried them on; you could see through them. So the yellow ones went back on the rack and I picked up the black ones instead. In the store, these pants were on sale for a smaller price than the other two items I purchased, so these ended up being FREE! I wasn't too crazy about the pants' "Roll-Up" feature because they were kind of at an awkward length, but they are so comfortable!

My other purchases were actually the same item but in two different colors.

Ruffled Scoop-Neck Top - $17.94
I tried this one on in a pattern that is no longer available online, so I cannot show a picture of it. It is blue with a large flower print in chartreuse and light blue. Really pretty. I loved the way that it fit, obviously enough to pick it up in another color. And the fabric was very soft and light-weight; perfect for summer!

There were several other items that I saw that I liked, but being on a strict budget, I had to walk away from them. Most of the items from the store are no longer available online, or at least nowhere that I can find, but here are a few items that I could find online that I like:

Sleeveless Cowl-Neck Tee in Oceanic - $19.94
Cowl-Neck Jersey Top in Olive Oil - $22.94
Embellished Graphic Tee in Marshmallow - $17.94
Espadrille Wedge Sandal in Black Print - $19.99

Printed Hobo in Navy Floral - $12.94
*The print on this bag is actually pretty similar to the print on the ruffle top that I purchased, if it were only in the green and blue colors, that is.

Braided Jacquard-Print Tote in Natural Floral - $19.94

Anyone else take advantage of the "Third Item Free" sale this weekend at Old Navy?

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  1. YES! I did! I picked up another striped skirt (similar to my blue a grey one, but in white and yellow, although I didn't try it on, so hopefully it isn't see-through. Ah, whatever. Who cares if it is?), two lightweight sweater cardigans, two short-sleeve button-ups and a long sleeve button-up (all for the intended purpose of layering over preggo tanks. Dressing this belly is becoming HARD).


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