Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From Anthro to Etsy- Eyelet, Crochet, and Lace. Oh My!

I've noticed that Anthropologie has quite the selection of blouses right now that have either crochet, lace, or eyelet details. Although not typically a fan of these types of details on my clothing, I have found myself drawn to the Lingering Hours Blouse, although, understandably enough, not to the $148.00 price tag! I decided to peruse Etsy to see if I could find any similar items for much less. Didn't find anything that matched exactly to the Anthro pieces, but some that featured the same details. Here is what I discovered:

Anthropologie Inspiration Piece:
Lingering Hours Blouse - $148.00

Found on Etsy:
Vintage Gypsy Lace-Trimmed Blouse - $25.00

Anthropologie Inspiration Piece:
Oversized Eyelets Blouse - $98.00

Found on Etsy:
Romance Crochet Blouse in Ivory Knit Jersey - $75.00

Anthropologie Inspiration Piece:
Wreathan Blouse - $78.00

 Found on Etsy:
1960s Vintage Crochet Top - $32.00

Vintage Doily Open Hand-Knit Top - $32.00

1960s Vintage Crochet Blouse - $32.00

What do you think? Worthy substitutes or inadequate knockoffs?

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