Monday, April 11, 2011

My First Fitting Room Review!

I went shopping this weekend. Yay! This was the first time in what seems like forever! I was in Burlington, VT this weekend and hit up a few stores, including Kohl's, JCPenney, LOFT, Victoria's Secret, and American Eagle. Doesn't sound like anything too super exciting, but for someone who never goes shopping, it was! I tried on the most clothes at Kohl's, mainly because they were having a sale. Here's what I tried on, and what was purchased:

Apt. 9 Floral Tiered Mesh Top - Original $36.00

I also tried this on in a pink floral color, but couldn't find it online to share. I hated this top. Okay, I didn't really hate the top itself, but I really disliked the cap sleeves on it. They really are not flattering on me. I suppose this top may have been okay under a cardigan. I tried on a medium, which was too big, but I did not feel like running back out to get a size small to try it on. I'm not a huge fan of trying on clothes. This top, which also comes in gray, has two 5 star ratings on the Kohl's website. Needless to say, this one did not make it home with me.

Lauren Conrad Ruffle Chiffon Top - Original $34.00

This top is also available in a gray color and pink rose. The top that I tried on was the only green moss one left, and it was a size XS. I love the color of this shirt and the way that it fit. This one was a keeper. It was also on sale for $22.99. I have a pair of green sandals that will match well with this top. It will be perfect for work and casual outfits! (Received one 5 star review online).

Rosette Banded-Bottom Top- Original $34.00

Also available in boysenberry (pink). This was another top that did not make it home with me. There were several things that I did not like about it, one being that the medium I tried on was too big, but it was the only size available. I also did not like where the sleeves hit on my arms, and top itself was not very flattering on a bigger chest than shown in the photo. I think it's a really cute shirt, especially as shown in the photo, it just didn't fit that way in person. (No online reviews).

Must-Have Pleated Tee - Original $26.00

I tried on this top in both "black" and "blue ribbon", according to the tag anyway. In person, it looked like the "mulled grape" color, not a blue color at all. Either way, I liked both of them. I grabbed both a medium and a small, but ended up going with an XS in this top as well. It definitely runs large. I wasn't sure about this top when I first grabbed it, but liked it a lot better when it was on. (It does not look so great in the online photo). I ended up purchasing the "blue ribbon" top for $17.99. I think that it will work both tucked in or untucked. This one received a 3.6 star rating based on 11 reviews and is available in 5 different colors.

Vera Wang Dot Embellished Tank- Original $44.00

It's a little difficult to see in this photo, but this tank actually has accents of a green moss color next to the black dots. This top was really cute in person. I tried on a medium, which was too big, but did not go back for the small. If I had a full-time job where I would definitely need clothes like this, I would have tried on the small and probably would have ended up purchasing this one. It would look great with a moss colored cardigan and black pants or pencil skirt. (No online reviews for this item yet).

I also tried on three mock-layer cardigans, but could not find them online as they were clearance items in the store. I did, however, find a very similar item on the JCPenney website for comparison. I tried this one on in both blue and gray. I loved the blue one, but unfortunately, the ruffles down the front were crooked! I don't know if it was just the way the top hung on me, or if they were in fact stitched crookedly, but it was too noticeable for me to ignore. I ended up with neither one. I also had a hard time getting past the way the cardigan part hung from my larger chest (larger than the model's, that is). It made me feel as though I were wearing a maternity top, and after spending well over a year in maternity clothing with my two sons, I wasn't about to venture there again.

At JCPenney, I picked up two short-sleeved tunic sweaters, on clearance for $7.17 each (originally $36.00!). I got one in "parachute purple" and another in black. I also tried on this shirt, in polynesian blue. I really liked it, but I already have so many tops in that shade of blue that I had to pass, which was difficult to do, especially since two saleswomen in the fitting room told me that it was made for me! But I suppose that was part of their job, to compliment the customers into purchasing as much as they can.

In addition to those tops, I picked up some new underwear from VS and a pair of jeans from American Eagle. I went into LOFT, but didn't try anything on. I had already made my other purchases, and was struggling with the idea of spending any more money after that. I really liked a few items in there, including the Wide Stripe Ruffle Tank in yellow:
 but I could not rationalize spending $45 on a tank top! I do, however, think that it might be time to create a new LOFT wishlist, as I see many new items that were not included on my wishlist for March!

Overall, I think that I did pretty well for someone who hates the idea of spending money, especially when it's money that I don't really have. I really enjoyed my shopping experience, I just wish that I had a well-paying full-time job so I could do this more often and be able to pick up more items that I would have liked! Hopefully soon!

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