Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Redemption: Vanessa Minnillo

I stumbled across this website called OutfitID while creating one of my Reese Witherspoon Polyvore sets a while back, and wasted spent a fair amount of time just perusing the different women and their outfits. I eventually came across this look on Vanessa Minnillo:

Words just cannot express how much I hate this look. Between the light-wash "jeggings" and the pale pink sweatshirt, I'm really not sure which I hate more. I am surprised to see Vanessa Minnillo wearing this, because looking at all of her other outfits featured on this site, she appears to have a higher lever of sophistication than what I am seeing with this pairing. Am I missing something with this outfit that makes it fashionable?

Anyway. I decided to put together a redemption outfit for poor Vanessa, and here is what I came up with. It may not be too many steps up from her look, but I do think that it is at least an improvement. And an added bonus that each item featured is less than $100.

So how did I do with this one? A slight improvement?

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