Friday, February 4, 2011

Sacrificing Fashion for a Lack of Fortune

I subscribe to a lot of fashion blogs, and a consistent trend that I'm noticing is Outfit of the Day (OOTD). First let me just say how cute everyone always looks in their photos! So envious. I would love to participate in this, but unfortunately, there would really be nothing to show. I do not have any cute clothes because I do not have the income or the budget to support a shopping hobby. (But one day I will!).

The clothing that I do have are random items that I have picked up here and there, usually on sale, usually pretty basic and boring. Nothing cute and frilly; nothing soft and feminine. To tell you the truth, I actually only own 3 or 4 jeans that I wear regularly, 3 dress pants for work (I currently work part-time, as in 1-2 days a week, and can get away with this), some skirts that do not fit me right now, a handful of tops for work and old worn out tops for bumming out at home. It's rather depressing.

However, I DO have a lot of shoes! I love shoes. And while I cannot afford to purchase most of my dream shoes, I do find a few cheaper favorites every now and then. Here are two of my current shoe staples for work:

 These black shoes are just about the most comfortable heels that I have ever worn, (and I am not one to sacrifice fashion for comfort; bring on the pain! As long as the shoe is versatile and cute, then the pain is worth it). They don't pinch or rub me the wrong way. No blisters here!

I don't know if you can tell by the poor image quality, but the grey ones are actually a felt-type fabric. They both cost me somewhere around $30 each, a price that I am content with for my budget. While I would love to be able to afford shoes from Mod Cloth, Anthropologie, or similar stores, I have to settle with what I can afford.

But one day, when I have my dream job, there will be a dream wardrobe to go along with it! Mark my words...

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