Friday, November 19, 2010

Fabulous Friday: Violetvile Vintage I

I was perusing through Etsy the other day, as I am apt to do, and came across the shop Violetvile Vintage. As stated on their page, they specialize in high-style, designer vintage clothing. It offers a vast selection of clothing from the 1920s-1980s. I fell in love with MANY items. So many, in fact, that I am making this FF a two-parter. Today's will feature dresses, tops, and skirts, while next weeks will be outwear. Be sure to check out this shop and the great items available!

This was the outfit that first caught my attention and brought me to this shop. Call me crazy, but I am loving this vintage 1960s skirt suit, and typically I am not a fan of 60s fashion or polka-dots.

Also in love with this burgundy 1970s knit keyhole shirt.

I think this dress is absolutely adorable, and in such great condition! If only it came in my size!

Check out this 1950s black embroidered party dress.

This skirt is a perfect party skirt. The model shows it with and without the white slip underneath,which unfortunately for me, is a little reminiscent of Gretchen's look at the season finale of Project Runway. But I love this with the slip worn with it!

You cannot miss seeing this dramatic 1930s Art Deco dress. It screams Hollywood glamor!

I could definitely see Emma Pillsbury sporting this skirt on an episode of Glee. I would imagine that she would have to pair it with a cute cardigan and killer shoes!

See a velvet fruit-embroidered black cardigan from the 1950s here.

This dress makes me think of my grandmother, but in a good way. She always gave off a stylish and sophisticated vibe and never left the house without a skirt on. I'm also feeling Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor with this one.

Here is an adorable 1950s spring green hourglass dress.

I wish that the model had show what this bolero would look like with the top button hooked. However, I still think it looks cute. 

Check out their 1950s pink, beaded bolero here.

Be sure to check back next Friday for the even better variety of outerwear from this Etsy seller!

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  1. I love the 30/40/50s eras in fashion... I am so stoked to find someone with similar passion!


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