Sunday, November 7, 2010

My ModClothet-Wear to Work I

If I had a separate income just for clothing and shoes (a girl can dream, can't she?), then I would fill my closet with dresses from ModCloth! (Hence my "ModClothet". See what I did there?)

Of course then I would have to find a place to wear them.

And then I would have to find the guts to wear them. (I currently live in a place where any high-heeled boots are referred to as "stripper boots", where people look at you funny if you are wearing a dress, and consider you dressed up if you wear heels with jeans. Seriously folks, around here, people think that it's appropriate to wear a pair of jeans and a polo shirt to weddings and funerals!)

But anyway. Here is one my favorite dresses that, in my dream world, I would wear to work. I have paired it with other items that I think work well with it. Ideally, I would have liked this pendant to be more of a "choker" style to fit the neckline of the dress. If I had more time, I would have searched longer for the "perfect" pieces, but I spent a whole day on this as it is, so this is what I found:

*** The-Day-After-Update: In hindsight (meaning this morning in the shower while I was obsessing over this look), I realized that this jacket paired with the red heels is a little too "dressy" for a work look. I would still wear the dress with these heels to work, though.***

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