Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mad About Christina

I love Christina Aguilera. I think that she has one of the most beautiful voices around right now, and her style (for the most part) is very Old-Hollywood-Glamor. I really wish she would stick to that personality and stop trying to be so edgy and out-there. (Please leave the theatrics to Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Rhianna; You're much better than that).

So here is the first look of many inspired by some of Christina's more elegant, glamorous, refined looks. I want this look. My goal for Black Friday was to find a similar outfit to this one. I'll let you know how that turned out. (I'm pre-blogging. I have to schedule these suckers ahead of time before I head out of town).


  1. Betty!!! I LOVE IT!!! My husband took me to see Burlesque yesterday and the best part was Christina! I love the makeup era and the way you just incorporated it into our everyday staples. I will try a set, too, but I think you nailed it!!! Great Job!

  2. Thanks Sherry! And to add an update, I picked up both a black cowl neck sweater and red belt on Black Friday to try to recreate a similar look. I MAY post the look separately later.


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