Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion Challenge: Peppered and Striped Skirt

Danielle over at What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? posted a fashion challenge for followers to create a look using the Peppered and Striped skirt from Anthropologie. I gladly accepted the challenge and here is the look that I created:

Please keep in mind that I am by no means a professional, or really even fashion savvy whatsoever, (I shop at Old Navy, for cryin' out loud). So I'm really doing this all for fun, based on what I would wear, not the current trends or styles in fashion.

For this look, there are obviously some very expensive pieces. I used Polyvore (my first time! I have never heard of it before) and the items that were readily available to me there. The name of my set comes from the "Je T'aime" that you can barely see written on the earrings. I also had a difficult time choosing between the pumps and the flats as I think either would work with this outfit. It's probably also important to note that the "cardigan" is supposed to be a short bolero, but I had a difficult time getting the proportions correct with the skirt and the shirt underneath, so it's now a cardigan. :-)

But I'm loving the color combination!

What do you think?


  1. I'd let you dress me any time! (I mean, pick out my clothes. I'd put them on. It'd be weird otherwise. Ahem.)

    And thanks for turning me on to polyvore. I'm going to waste the next few hours there. (Drat!)

  2. Thank you, Kristine! And don't worry, I completely understood what you meant! :-) And I'm glad that I was able to hook someone else on to my latest addiction! I've wasted plenty of hours on Polyvore!

  3. I am LOVING the color combo! Gorgeous pop of yellow on the backdrop of the other colors... I always love me some yellow!


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